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How to get info on price drops for iphone apps?

How to get info on price drops for iphone apps?

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Anish V V
·Aug 26, 2015·

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Everyday numerous iPhone and iPad apps are getting a price drop. But if we don’t know how to track them, then we will miss it. Who wants to miss such an opportunity. Here are some of the methods used by me for getting such information. This might help you too.

1) Websites is a app-alert website which is updated daily. is another great website with great design which provides the same purpose.

2) Free Apps’ App

AppZappPush is an App which keeps track of the latest price drops and let you know by push notifications and email. For more also provides an App for iphone which notifies about the updates in price drops.

3) Through Twitter

Popular twitter handles for this purpose.

If you have some more, feel free to share as comments to this post.

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